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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Egalitarianism - a trend of mind which favors Equality in every sort

If every one is born equal…. then why there’s discrimination between- rich and poor, rural and urban, man and women etc…Why the rights are made unapproachable for the poor and discriminated people…The law guarantees rights for all…despite of any discrimination ….but still there is inequality….discrimination…The discriminated class people are subjected to cruelty by the dominating class of people…The discriminated class of people hardly get any chance to enjoy their rights, dignified and free life….
The human made division of people in class is just a method opted by the Politicians for getting votes and nothing else….
Equality always results in the development….The nation cannot be developed unless the opportunities of development are made approachable for the poor and needy people….The nation can only be developed when the poor or the needy people get benefited ……Lets work for upliftment and empowerment of the needy people…...
Lets work for bringing Equality in the Society…

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