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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Untouched India

Every One of us are very much conscious about the budget. The Railway budget, main budget of the nation, which is prepared by the Secretary level Officers-sitting in the Luxurious Air Conditioned office and later presented by the Hon’ble Finance Minister of India.

The so called ‘ Think tank’ of the Society, continuously expressing views on the positive and negative points of the Budget. The price rise in electronic items, petrol etc initiates the palpitation of heart of large people at the snow ball’s pace. Some experts are of the view that the budget is good for the People, while others think that budget is crushing for the middle class group, as the prices of daily usage items are being increased at a larger scale.

Amidst in the traffic of various views and suggestions, there are some people who are completely left untouched by the budget and the policies of the Government. They have no ides about the happenings of the nation. The even don’t know, who the P.M and C.M. are and what they are doing and for whom ???

Such People are completely unaware about any fact of the Nation, State or even their district. The thing they remember always is the methods of arranging meals for the family. They had to ramble around the places everyday for earning two meals for the family members. Winter, Summer and rainy season are equal for them. Nothing stops them from doing work. They have a transcendental will power as welll as dying need of food for the family. The term ‘ rest’ or ‘comfort’ are very new and abstraction for them. They hardly get the ‘option’ of ‘rest’ or ‘brake’. “No work” for them means “no food”. The hunger of the family induce and motivates them to forward every possible step to feed the family. They are over thrashed by the pathetic situations, they are living with.

They hardly bother about the Politics, Corruption, Terrorism or any other Problem of the nation.. For them the major problem or the most adventurous task is to earn for the livelihood, every new day. Their day start with miles of walk on the uneven farms, forests with the naked foot in the rainy, summer and winter seasons without even worrying about any pains of injuries or diseases.
The situation is rather an adventure for them. No electricity, uneven shanties and a desire of feeding the family.This is the entire gammut of their life.
Strangely they enjoy their life happily in their small paradises. For them life is a mission of earning and feeding the family.

Waking up early in the morning, rambling in the farms, ogling for food for the entire day, coming back at home, ending the day by enjoying food with the family. Interestingly, (Dinner with the family) this is the best moment for them . All their pains and tiredness automatically disappears when they see a smile on the faces of the family members. This is rather a celebration or an extravaganza for them.

Constantly, this is now established as the ingrained habit for these people. They feel satisfied by replenishing their energy rather sentiments, after feeding the family…which also helps them in getting rid of the dire pain of hunger.

Their life is so adventures and they learn new techniques of life every new day. Answering my question on Politics, one frail lady replied, “ Vo Sahaab aate hai kabhi kabhi…abhi to 3-4 saal pehle hi aaye the…mandir mein bhandara bhi diya..aur 10 din ka ration bhi dekar gaye…Sahab bahut acche hai…Jab bhi aate hai..kuch na kuch dekar jaate hai”. I asked again, “Sahab kitne din mein aate hai”, She replied, “ har 4-5 saal mein aate rehte hai….mein is gaon mein shaadi hokar aaye thi, tabse mere budhape tak, kareeb 6-7 baar aa chuke hai…(with a smiling face) she said, “Sahab bahut acche hai, jab jab aate hai, kuch na kuch dekar hi jaate hai”.

This is the dilemma of our country. The Politicians are sucking the people and the people are hardly aware about such facts. People don’t have any idea that the Politicians are deluding by their statements and exploiting them by investing a few hundreds rupees. They are completely unaware about the fa├žade look of the Politicians. Cunningly, they were always melled by the gullible words of the Politicians. They even don’t know that the Politicians are snatching their livelihood at the cost of “Bhandaras”, that too, on the name of God. The Politicians claim that they are forwarding various steps for Poverty Eradication.

They claims that the GDP of the Nation is now improved and now everyone is entitled to enjoy the right to education, right to food and the right to dignified life. All such statements stifled and hardly maintain their existence in the rural areas. Automatically the right to education disappers when we found that there is no school in the Village, the right to food and right to dignified life is infringed everyday..when the parent fails in arranging food for the family and the 3 years child struggles with the pains of hunger and ends their day by continuously weeping on floor and surrendering towards the situations.

The Condition of the People of the rural India is so pathetic that a normal person even cannot imagine.
This is not a unique or exemplary story, Instead such stories are rife and easily found in any place of the untouched rural India. There is great need to put forward certain concerted steps.

This is an strange but an important fact, revealing the reality of the untouched rural India, and require contemplated actions of development.

Every person experience Problems in life and he / she search for the solutions of such problems…But these people hardly gets time to act or even to think about the problems. Their mission of life is to feed the family. They are really living a commendable life…under the intense hardships. They enjoy the special privilege of the harships and therefore the unfathomable problems are doused towards them with a greater Intensity.. giving them no other option except to surrender and endure such hardships. Their cries and screams are now eloped with the worry of feeding the family.

I salutes them…They are The Real Indian Tigers…Unfortunately poofing from the society..

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